We have dreams, ideas, wishes, things we want to do in life. We are all different and we want different things! My question is:

Did you already turn your wish into a goal?

Are you working hard to achieve your goals? What about working smart? What about simplifying things by creating systems and then getting used to those daily activities and not finding them a ‘heavy weight’ anymore? By creating systems you train your mind and body to do specific tasks everyday and you will see that after a few weeks it will all get easier and it will feel so normal to do those tasks. Do not think of your daily activities as goals, take them as casual actions that need to be completed.

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of our activities, but here´s where a planner can come in handy. Not only is it a fun and creative way to plan your day, but it also helps to see how much progress you did in a specific period of time. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” said Benjamin Franklin and I could not agree more. I know, a plan without action is worthless, but we also should not act without having a plan.


  • Yesterday “too little”, today “too much”, when actually all you need everyday is “enough”.

    Find your balance!

    Bia Popa